Bioresonance Therapy

Gotovskiy M. Yu., Perov Yu. F., Chernetsova L. V. 
BIORESONANCE THERAPY. 2nd ed., Moscow, Russian Federation: IMEDIS; 2010. – 206 с.

Title of the Russian edition: БИОРЕЗОНАНСНАЯ ТЕРАПИЯ
Translator: M. Gotovskiy, Moscow, Russian Federation
English text edited and proof read by A.J. Scott-Morley, Poole, UK

ISBN 978–5–87359–090–2 .

This book is an authorized and completely revised translation of the Russian edition published and copyrighted 2010 by Imedis publishing, Moscow, Russian Federation. Two years passed after the first edition of the book, which aroused great interest among specialists. During this time, considerable experience in effective use of bioresonance therapy in clinical practice has been accumulated. The second edition describes a wider number of issues relating to the practical application of exogenous bioresonance therapy, provides information on equipment for bioresonance therapy, the technology for its application in the treatment process, methods of preparation of bioresonance preparations. Besides substantially revised and supplemented with new information, is 2nd chapter on the clinical application of bioresonance therapy. The new edition takes into account suggestions and criticisms that were made of the previous edition of the book. The authors hope that the book will be useful for physicians of all specialties that use in their practice the method of bioresonance therapy. The authors gratefully take all comments and suggestions relating to the new edition of the book.